Lonneke Bakker in Maternity Photos Zwangerschapsfotografie shot by JMstudio

Lonneke Bakker in Maternity Photos shot by JMstudio

Maternity Photographer in Amsterdam
Women who are expecting are beautiful!
Women get a magical appearance when they are expecting, and capturing this moment with photography creates an iconic and gorgeous memory for you.
As for me, if I'm photographing you, I work with light and shadow so that the subject's curves are highlighted. The light is set so that the most important thing is focused on: the body's shape.
​​​​​​​Where and how
The photoshoot takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, and you are welcome to bring your boyfriend or girlfriend, or husband or wife with you, of course. You can even bring all four of them!
It is a good idea to wear loose-fitting clothes in a few hours before the photo shoot, so that there are no marks on your skin, (such as from tight elastics) which will be visible in the photos.
I am looking forward to working together with you to create gorgeous images of this special time for your family. 
Dutch Stuff
Just to make sure some Dutch people don't miss out on this page, I'll throw in the Dutch word for Maternity Photography: Zwangerschapsfotografie. What a mouthful! 
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Maternity Portfolio
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